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Bio Corp's distinction is innovation it brings to the market. Bio Corp's Youth Formula I, and it's other unique products like the Youth Formula II and Elixium NT ®, offer new and effective ways to better health naturally.

Bio Corp
Registered Trademark Rights ®

Bio Corp has registered trademark rights to its corporation and product logo (Leonardo Davinci's "Golden Rule Man" or "Vitruvian Man") as shown above. This trademark symbol is recognized worldwide in association with health and beauty and is invaluable in the promotion Bio Corp's image as a leading source of quality health care products.

Business Practice

Since its formation in 1991, Bio Corp has practiced business with integrity and a real desire to produce products that improve the health and wellbeing of its customers. This philosophy is the basis of Bio Corp's continued success and why the company has been free of complaint or litigation in connection with any of its products and practices. Bio Corp has continually maintained an excellent reputation with the public and its business associates.

Bio Corp's Sales

Bio Corp markets its products through health care professionals, physicians, pharmacies, homeopathic, and naturopathic practitioners, retail health food stores and health clinics as well as to individuals where Bio Corp products are unavailable in their area.

Innovative Products

Bio Corp was the first company to create and market a product to elevate growth hormone in humans naturally. The growth hormone product was labeled "Youth Formula I" and marketing to the general public began in 1991. The "Youth Formula I" product is based on a proprietary formulation of amino acids that effectively elevate the growth hormone level in humans. The Youth Formula I products have been marketed mainly within the United States and most international countries since 1991.

Customer Satisfaction

Since the introduction of Youth Formula I the product has done extremely well in customer satisfaction based on the actual results experienced by users. Determination by physicians and health care professionals through clinical analysis along with observation of physical improvement document the product as one of the most effective on the market for elevating growth hormone levels in humans naturally. This product supplies the body's pituitary glad with the necessary nutrients to elevate the release of growth hormone in the body. Growth hormone is critical to maintaining health and youthfulness. There is substantial scientific evidence documenting the beneficial health effects of maintaining proper levels of growth hormone levels. Bio Corp has engineered its Youth Formula I product based on scientific studies of amino acids and makes available to the public clinical studies which substantiate the fact that certain amino acids are effective in elevating growth hormone levels in humans, as well as other clinical studies which prove the beneficial effects of maintaining proper levels of growth hormone in humans.


The health benefits of natural products. Since the introduction of the Youth Formula I products there have been absolutely no harmful side effects reported from the use of these products by the general public or any individual. These products have been proven to be safe based on eighteen (18) years of marketing and public use.

Other Innovative Products

Elixium NT ®

Bio Corp has formulated other unique products such as Elixium NT ®, a Bio Corp trademarked name which is a natural herbal product that is very effective in stopping the common cold or influenza in the early stages of the infection and is effective in shorting the illness after the infection has set in. This product is very popular during flue season and for those people who work in infectious areas.

Youth Formula II

Youth Formula II is a natural amino acid product that is used to elevate the body's thyroid hormone, thereby raising body temperature, accelerating body metabolism, burning fat, promoting weight loss, anti depressive and mood elevating while raising mental alertness.

In addition, Bio Corp sells a number of common products on the market today such as Melatonin, DHEA, Magnesium Oils, Pine Extract Oil, Coenzyme Q-10, Zeolite and others.

The Bio Corp Guarantee

Bio Corp provides an unconditional money back guarantee to its retailers, health care professionals and customers for any returned product for any reason. Bio Corp means customer satisfaction.

Bio Corp